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Check out our frequently asked questions to see if we have a quick answer for you. If there’s nothing to help here, you can use the contact form below to get in touch.


Do you have a minimum education requirement?

Some roles will require a minimum education, this will be mentioned in the section ‘what are we looking for’ in a vacancy job listing. For the other roles we look more to your motivation and previous achieved experience!

Do I need previous hospitality experience to apply for a role?

We do prefer applicants who know the world of hospitality, but we are happy to introduce you as well! For our more senior roles, hospitality experience is a particular advantage.

Do you accept applications from citizens outside the EEA or the UK?

If you are from outside the EU or the UK and do not have the right to work in the country you are applying for, we cannot process your application.

Do you sponsor Visas or Work Permits for those who don’t have the right to work in the EEA or UK?

No, we cannot offer sponsorship for work related visas and permits.

In light of Brexit, what is your policy in the United Kingdom on applications from citizens in the EEA?

PPHE Hotel Group will follow the relevant UK Government immigration rules.Please click ‘here‘ for the latest information. It is essential and a legal requirement for you to have the eligibility to work in the UK. To follow recent legislation, as of the 6th of April 2022, we no longer accept physical copies of Biometric Residence Permits/Cards or Frontier Worker Permits. Please either provide your Home Office Share code prior to your start date or, if you hold a British/Irish Passport, please bring this with you on your first day.

Details on how to obtain a Home Office Share code can be found here:


How do I search and apply for a position?

Please click ’here’ or on the APPLY button in the menu navigation. In the search bar you can type a role you are looking for, or use the filters menu on the left hand side.

What is the application process?

The application process will be different per position. In general, it consists of four recruitment phases:

  1. Application/Screening
  2. Interview(s)
  3. Some roles require an assessment and/or a second interview
  4. Decision (offer or regret)

Why should I create a profile on the career site?

If you create a profile on our careers site, we can communicate with you via this profile. You can see your application status, and we can schedule an interview with you. Furthermore, once your on boarding starts you will need a profile as well.

How will I know if my application has been received?

There are two ways:

  1. Email confirmation
  2. Log into your profile to see the status of your application (you will need to create a profile for this)

Can I apply for more than one position at a time?

Yes, although we encourage you to focus only on one application at a time.

If my application is unsuccessful, can I apply for another position?


Will I receive feedback on my application?

In general we do not provide feedback regarding your application. You can always request feedback or a reason from the hiring manager.

Where can I find jobs outside of Europe?

PPHE Hotel Group only operates within Europe . For this reason we do not offer any jobs outside Europe. Radisson Careers provide worldwide opportunities; please check for more information.

Can I also apply for jobs at Radisson Hotel Group at this career site?

PPHE Hotel Group has a strategic partnership with the Radisson Hotel Group to exclusively operate and franchise hotels under their Park Plaza brand in Europe, the Middle East & Africa. For job opportunities at Park Plaza hotels outside of this area, please visit

I received a suspicious communication claiming to be from PPHE Hotel Group. How will I know this communication is valid and not fraud?

If you think you have received a suspicious communication on behalf of PPHE Hotel Group, please read the instructions on our ’Recruitment Fraud’ page.

Does PPHE Hotel Group has an referral programme?

Yes, we offer internal referral incentives for our existing teams called ‘Recommend-a-friend’. See the Rewards and Benefits page on the website.


Do you offer a graduate scheme?

Yes, we offer a dynamic 18 months Graduate Development Programme. Please click ‘here‘ for more information.

Do you offer internships/placements?

Yes, we offer our placement programme called ‘’you:niversityplus’’, please click ‘here‘ for more information. We also offer internships in the Netherlands, please click on the Apply button in the main navigation menu and search for internships.

Do I need to be in education in order for me to apply for the undergraduate programme?

Yes. You must be studying an undergraduate degree in a hospitality or tourism related course.

How long is the apprenticeship programme?

This can vary, depending on the level of the course and the depth of the subject matter, but all apprenticeships are required to be a minimum of 12 months.

Do I need any qualifications to do an apprenticeship?

No. Apprenticeship programmes will provide you with knowledge and skills.

What are the criteria to be able to be an apprentice?

  1. You must be 16 years old (or older)
  2. You must have the right to work in the UK
  3. You must have been living in the UK for the past 3 years
  4. You must not already be in full time education

Is there training available for me to become a supervisor or a manager?

Yes. Click ‘here‘ to see our offering.

What on the job training will I receive?

This will vary depending on the job role. 70% of your learning will take place on the job, through a variety of training methods.

Will you sponsor my ongoing professional development?

PPHE Hotel Group will provide you with the tools, guidance and learning culture to help you to become your very best. Click ‘here‘ to find out more about our continuous development proposition.

Do you offer language learning opportunities?

Maths and English (level 1 or 2, depending on the level of your apprenticeship) are included as part of the apprenticeship programme.

Is there any other training available for me to grow and develop my personal skills?

Yes, a learning and development calendar is provided on a monthly basis and includes additional learning opportunities to learn and grow.


Don’t miss out on the perfect career opportunity. Register your details with us to receive job alerts.

If you haven’t found your perfect job on our careers pages, but would like to register your interest for future roles, please visit our Jobs Portal where you can create a profile and join the PPHE Talent Community.


PPHE Hotel Group is an inclusive company where you can enjoy the career you want, without changing the person you are. We are welcoming to all and passionate about promoting greater diversity in the hospitality sector.


Please note we do not accept any speculative CVs for temporary workers, contractors or permanent candidates sent by recruitment agencies to our managers, directors or talent teams. If you feel you could add value to our recruitment supply chain, please register your interest by emailing us at [emailprotected]


We do not want anyone to fall victim to recruitment fraud carried out by individuals and organisations purporting to act on behalf of PPHE Hotel Group who are advertising and offering fictitious employment opportunities with us. For example, we will never ask for transfers or payments during any application process.

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Contact - PPHE Hotel Group - Jobs and Careers (2024)


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