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Employer Sponsored Child Care BenefitsChild care solutions that strengthen your organization.

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60% of parents say child care benefits would make them more likely to stay with their current employer. - Fortune

Boost Recruitment

Enhance Retention

Reduce Absenteeism

Why a Child Care Benefit?

Child care is often the second-largest household expense after rent or mortgage, and factors heavily into employment choices. Today’s top talent want a great career and dedicated support from an employer.

Child care benefits can be a powerful way to help attract and retain talent, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity. In any industry, companies that include child care in their benefit offerings are better positioned to become an employer of choice.

We can help.

Learning Care Group (LCG) Employer Solutions can help. With our national network of community schools and Open Access program, plus onsite experience, we’re uniquely positioned to customize a solution to ensure you retain a competitive edge when it comes to hiring and keeping top talent.

Partnership Options

Whether serving Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, universities, government agencies, or others, our schools offer financially attractive options to suit the needs of your employees. We approach corporate partnerships the way we approach early education—with an intense focus on individuality. We’ll work to find the partnership option that best fits your organization.

Custom Solutions for Hybrid Teams

Sometimes, child care needs vary across an organization. In a combined solution, our community schools would supplement an onsite center, offering a consistent experiencefor your employees.

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Back-Up/​Emergency Care

Back-Up/​Emergency Care

Working parents need a safety net. We’re here when regular child care falls through. Consistency is key.

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Funded Child Care

Funded Child Care

The cost of care is a major concern for parents. Provide options so care is affordable and accessible. Employees’ tuition can be discounted between 10 and 100 percent.

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Onsite Child Care

Onsite Child Care

Many centrally located employees? We can build a school at your location and manage it, giving you the control to maintain the quality of care for your team members.

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Onsite Solutions for Faith-Based and Nonprofit Organizations

Onsite Solutions for Faith-Based and Nonprofit Organizations

Are you a nonprofit, church, religious, or community organization looking to create a sustainable revenue steam and provide service to your communities? Pathways Learning Academy gives you the control to maintain quality care for your families.

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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Our early childhood expertise is unmatched and we’re ready to advise you on the path to your child care benefit solution, from ideation to creation to operation.

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Open Access

Open Access

Child care, everywhere—no matter where your teams live or work. If no LCG school is available, out-of-network centers (or privately secured care) are an option.

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Providing Child Care Benefits

To recruit and retain top talent, it’s essential that organizations provide resources that benefit working families. LCG is ready to partner with you to support your employees.

For the 4th straight year, we’re proud to be recognized as one of the top US Best Managed Companies by Deloitte Private and The Wall Street Journal.

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1,070+ Schools

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20k+ Employees

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160k+ Children

Across 11 unique brands and more than 1,070 schools,our 20k+ educators can support more than 160k children.

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DICK’S Sporting Goods

We’re thrilled to offer our teammates an outstanding early childhood education experience through our partnership with Learning Care Group. Developed with LCG’s demonstrated expertise, Everbrook Academy at DICK’S Sporting Goods gives our teammates peace of mind knowing that their child is in great hands, having a nurturing and empowering learning experience each day, here on our very own campus.

Chief People Officer

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Carnival Cruise Line

Learning Care Group has been an amazing partner. The teachers, administration, and support from the corporate teams are outstanding. Their high accreditation, safety compliance, and trainings are robust. Learning Care Group really places the safety and learning of the children first. The center is clean, refreshing, and reflects the warm personalities of the staff. We are very happy with this partnership.

Lisa Ann McPherson, Sr. Manager

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Ascension, St Vincent Evansville

Our on-site La Petite Academy has been a long-standing, highly coveted option for our associates. Our local staff are truly dedicated professionals giving the best care to our associates’ children. The LCG corporate team continually drives progress to maintain best-in-class child care at our site.

Ashley Tenbarge, Community Relations Coordinator

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Northview Church

Northview Church is enjoying a strong, beneficial partnership with Learning Care Group and its Pathways Learning Academy, at its Binford Church Campus. Northview has found Pathways to be a great complement to its mission and outreach in the surrounding community. Stories and experiences from families and kids positively impacted, supported, and served by Pathways makes this a unique, meaningful, rewarding endeavor.

Mike Crull, Operations Pastor

We have proudly partnered with many major brands and organizations, including:

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We'd love to chat and learn more about the child care benefit needs of your company. Please complete this form, and we’ll be in touch soon. Thank you!

Interested in adding child care benefits? Contact one of our Partnership Specialists at 866.829.0027 or partnerships@learningcaregroup.com today.

Current employees, please visit the Employee Lounge or contact us at 877.767.5241.

Parents, job seekers, and all other inquiries, please contact us here.

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Employer Solutions | Learning Care Group (2024)


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